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Code of Behaviour

Na Gaeil Óga 2021 




  • Do not argue with the referee - if you do not agree with him, discuss the matter with the trainer / teachers after the game 

  • Control your emotions and don't get carried away - abusive language towards Officials or other players is not acceptable nor should the opposition be provoked 

  • Be a team player and work as hard for your team as for yourself - you and your team will do better accordingly. 

  • Be fair to the players, do to them as you would do to yourself. 

  • Do not burden or interfere in any way with another player. 

  • Always be willing to work together - with the trainer, with fellow players - without them there would be no game. 

  • Enjoy the game (and play for the enjoyment of the game rather than for parents or coaches)


  • Be reasonable in what you demand and take the needs of your players into account 

  • Avoid overplaying young, high quality players and give everyone a level playing field and opportunities to play 

  • Don't overemphasise winning and always increase engagement and satisfaction – ensure effective safety policies are in place 

  • Include age / maturity: design programs with different levels of maturity 

  • Create and foster team respect for the opposition and the Officers 

  • Have an understanding and knowledge of injury matters and seek advice from the experts 

  • Have the best knowledge of effective child training principles 

  • Teach sportsmanship and create opportunities to teach appropriate sportsmanship 

  • Put the important features first 

  • Learn skills and good behaviour rather than win back or barely 

  • Teach right and fair: help the children to understand their duties and responsibilities



  • Encourage participation but don't force it 

  • Expect and ensure that the rules are always played 

  • Don't make fun of anyone or the mistakes that are made or the games that are lost 

  • Remember that a good example is the best teacher 

  • Do not confront an officer in public – discuss the matter privately later 

  • Stop racist abuse immediately 

  • Remember that players play for practice and enjoyment and not just to please the fans 

  • Stop and prevent the use of violence in any way by anyone 

  • Urge the players to follow the rules and accept the decision of the Officials 

  • Always set a good example in social behaviour.



  • Make sure everyone gets equal participation and give them all a level playing field 

  • Program Adaptation: Take into account the age, ability and temperament of the players 

  • Ensure that there is appropriate waiting: by trained Trainers and Officers 

  • Emphasize enjoyment of participation as this encourages more participation 

  • Organize education for adults: development of higher standards of training 

  • Encourage fairness: ensure that all adults understand duties and responsibilities 

  • Change to accommodate different levels and satisfy the needs of the players

  • Respect the opposition and do not engage in unsportsmanlike behaviour

  • Keep up-to-date: know about organizational tasks


Anti-Drug Policy

The Gaelic Athletic Association discourages the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco on the basis that they are incompatible with a healthy, sporting life.

  • All members, officials, trainers and managers must follow the law regarding illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

  • They should always set a good example.

  • There should be no advertising about alcohol on the society's jerseys.

  • Players/coaches/managers/supporters should not come to games or training under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Disciplinary Matters for Drug Abuse Any incident of drug abuse should be reported to the Club's Committee or the Chairperson. Drug abuse or supply is viewed as unacceptable behaviour. As penalties, the club can issue a warning, suspend members, or expel members from the club. The club will aim to deal with any drug-related incident in a firm but fair manner, and ensure that the safety and common good of anyone involved is respected.



Disciplinary Matters

The managers or the committee themselves can present a question regarding discipline matters to the committee. If anything is considered serious, whether on the field itself or outside it, related to the official sessions of the association, trips and others, matters that have caused malicious injury, damage to property, or bring disrepute to the association or otherwise the Committee may have a Disciplinary Hearing in this regard. The Committee can apply any action as a punishment or as a solution to the issue, be it suspension or expulsion from the association itself or otherwise. In any case where the association has a legal duty to consult the Gardaí Síochána or the Health Service Executive or any other institution the association will do so. It is up to the committee to make any decision regarding disciplinary matters and this will be done while respecting the rights of all members and others to receive a fair hearing, and having regard to the common interest and the reputation of the association.

Security & Safety Policy

The aim of the association is to provide a safe and secure environment. To that end, the association will ensure that the association's events, facilities, training, games and others are up to standards in terms of security and safety. The association does not accept any liability for members' personal belongings at events as mentioned above. The association will not field invalid players and we will have no liability towards players in these cases. Any player who chooses to train with us and is not covered by insurance will be at their own risk. The association places before it, as far as possible, the safety of its members and members of the community as a vital goal at all times. People who are not registered and covered by insurance will not be allowed to play for the club. An uninsured person would train with us at their own risk and the association takes no responsibility for this.


Social Media Policy (short)

The association will use social media to spread the news of the association, keep members informed about us and encourage new members. Any contact aimed at members of the association will be in Irish only. Content aimed at ura players will be in Irish only. It is permissible to use other languages ​​if targeting those without Irish to spread the word about us, but in these cases Irish will take precedence over English. No content that is not closely related to the events and aims of the association will be disseminated on the association's pages. Content that would be offensive or disrespectful to any member of the association will not be disseminated.

Code of Ethics 

The Code of Ethics sets out the standards of conduct and practice that will be expected from all members of the association together with the committee and training and management staff. Cumann Peile na Gaeltachta requires everyone associated with us to comply at all times with this Code. They will always respect the fundamental right of everyone to equality and to refrain from any unfair discrimination. The members of the society will have knowledge and understanding of diversity in society and of differences arising from various sources including, but not limited to, race, colour, gender, religion, national origin, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation and social and economic status and shall refrain from showing prejudice or favoritism based on such differences through words or conduct. To always maintain dignity and honor is our aim. To always behave appropriately, according to the law and according to the rules and ethics of our aims. Exercising the highest standards of integrity and care at all times and will ensure that their conduct is without cause for complaint.


Control of Committees

It will be up to the Club's Committee to organise and manage the various sub-committees. The appropriate officer from the main committee will be the contact between the sub-committee and the main committee for example the Finance Officer as the contact between the Finance Sub-committee and the Committee. The highest standards of practice will be expected from the members of these committees as set out in documents on the policies of the Gaeltacht. It will be up to the Chairman and the committee to resolve any difficulties between them, and such judgments will be made with regard to the policies of the association.

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